Add Flair to Your Cellar with a High-Quality and Elegant Metal Wine Rack System

With different styles of wine racks available in the market, choosing the right storage system for your wine collection can be a challenging task. By working with an expert and increasing your knowledge about wine racks, you will enjoy the beauty of your wine display for years to come. In this article, you will learn about metal racking and why experts recommend it for building contemporary wine cellars in Florida.

How You Can Benefit from Choosing the Right Type of Wine Racks for Your Cellar

One of the factors that affect the overall appeal of your wine cellar is the type of wine racks installed in it. If you want to store and display your collection beautifully, you have to work with an experienced designer and builder.

Nowadays, many homeowners, store retailers, hotel owners, and restaurateurs want to have a high-end wine cellar. Custom Wine Cellar Florida, a topnotch wine cellar company, has worked on several projects where they were requested by their clients to create a contemporary wine storage system.

Commercial Metal Wine Rack Display
Commercial Metal Wine Rack Display

Metal racking systems have been in demand in the construction of contemporary wine cellars because of their many benefits.

Sleek Appeal and Design Options

If you want to add a luxurious touch to your wine room, you must go for metal wine racks. They look stylish and decorative. They also provide many design options to match the existing theme of your living space.

Modern Wine Rack System with Steel Rods
Modern Wine Rack System with Steel Rods
High-Quality Material

Metal wine racks can be constructed from stainless steel and wrought iron, which are both relatively lightweight materials.

Wine racks made from stainless steel exhibit a silver hue, making it a popular choice in commercial applications. Eye-catching wine displays can lead to an increase in sales. Another advantage of stainless steel wine racks is their resistance to staining, corrosion, and rust.

Wine racks constructed from wrought iron are durable and strong. Although a bit more expensive than traditional wine racks, they will last long and add a dramatic vintage effect to your wine room when designed by an expert.

Modular or Customized

Custom Wine Cellar Florida offers freestanding and wall-mounted metal racks. You may request them to customize your racking system or opt for modular wine racks.

The main advantage of customizing your wine racks is that it allows you to bring out your creativity to build a unique display of your prized collection. The units are designed to fit the size and shape of your wine room, accommodate the number of bottles in your collection, and satisfy your aesthetic and financial needs.

Modular wine racks, on the other hand, are recommended for storage areas where space is scarce. They are adjustable, allowing you to fit the units even in the tiniest corner of a kitchen, living room, library, or entertainment area.

Whether you want a plain metal racking system or combine it with wooden storage racks, Custom Wine Cellar Florida can create a wine cellar design that will suit all of your requirements.

Residential Custom Metal Wine Rack Design
Residential Custom Metal Wine Rack Design
Practicality, Durability, and Safety

Metal wine racks are a practical storage system. They are known for their longer lifespan compared to storage units constructed from wood. They can last for years when taken good care of.

Their extra strength makes them ideal for storing a large number of bottles. Unlike traditional wooden wine racks, they are less prone to shrinking and warping.

When choosing a wine rack system, the most important factor to consider is whether it can help in the preservation of wine’s quality. Metal wine racks have naturally cool surfaces. This keeps the wines safe by allowing proper airflow around the bottles.

Vintage View Metal Racks – an Innovative Storage System for Florida Custom Wine Cellar

Vintage View is a popular manufacturer of metal wine racks. The wine racks are available in various styles and sizes. Their racking units allow for creating elegant floor-to-ceiling custom wine displays both for residential and commercial applications.


Vintage View metal wine racks can be made from steel or acrylic. They display the bottles in a label forward orientation. The wine labels are facing out, which allows for easy browsing. Unlike other types of wine racks, there is no need to flip the bottle to know its style, variety, or alcohol content. Flipping the bottles can disturb the sediments and may result in off-flavors and smell.

They can be extended to accommodate the growing collection of every wine collector. They also allow for easy inventory and organization of wines.

Wall-Mounted Racking System – Add Drama to Dull Walls

Do you have dull walls in your home, restaurant, or hotel? Adding wall-mounted metal wine racks can bring your walls to life.

They are suitable for small wine rooms because they do not take up floor space. Offering storage efficiency, this racking option can be installed in tight and narrow areas.

Aesthetics wise, wall-mounted wine racks from Vintage View display the bottles with elegance, creating an illusion of bottles floating in the air.

Wall Mounted Metal Wine Racks
Wall Mounted Metal Wine Racks
Evolution Wine Racks – Maximum Storage Capacity

Like the wall-mounted metal wine racks, the Vintage View Evolution wine racks also use the label forward storage system. In commercial wine displays, this type of bottle orientation will save the time of customers looking for their favorite wine. At home, serving wine to your guests will be faster and convenient.

They offer maximum storage capacity for standard bottles. They can be made from acrylic panels or chrome plated metal rods engineered with precision, creating a streamlined wine storage display. Finish options include satin black and chrome.

They are available in standard heights of 4, 6, and 8 feet. The 4-foot wine racks can store 81 bottles; 6-foot units can house 252 bottles; and 8-foot racks are intended for 324 bottles.

You may opt for a single-, double-, or triple-deep racking. You can combine them with wooden wine racks to create an attention-grabbing display. To ensure stability, each unit must be fastened carefully to the wall.

Display Your Collection in a Modern Way with Metal Wine Racks

Do you want to store your prized collection in a contemporary wine cellar? Custom Wine Cellar Florida can help you. Contact them today at +1 (305) 731-2212.

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