Elegant Custom Home Wine Cellar Designed for Wines and Liquors

Custom Wine Cellar Florida is a member of a large network of incredible custom wine cellar designers and builders. One of our associates in Rancho Santa Fe created this beautiful wine storage room for their client’s wine and liquors. Our team is known for its expertise in building beautiful and safe wine rooms.

A Master Builder Transformed a Small Space Into an Elegant Custom Home Wine Cellar

The owners of a high-end home in Santa Fe, California, sought the help of our partner in California in transforming a small space in their home into a climate-controlled wine cellar. They wanted to work with a reliable builder who has extensive experience in wine cellar construction and could meet their requirements.

We and our associate in California are members of the Wine Cellars Designers Group, and we are very pleased to be part of this project. We have been providing innovative wine storage solutions to homeowners for many years.

In this particular project, our dealer in California had to design the wine racks to accommodate the client’s collection, consisting of wines and liquors. After assessing the needs of the owners, they created CAD images showing the different racking elevations, bottle configurations, dimensions, and bottle capacities. After the client has approved the design proposal, the wine cellar construction started.

Custom Wine Cellar Built by Miami Experts using Rustic Wood Wine Cellar Racks
Custom Wine Cellar Built by Miami Experts using Rustic Wood Wine Cellar Racks
Sophisticated Design and Durable Material for the Custom Wine Racks

Designing wine racks requires creativity, knowledge, and passion. The following factors must be considered to ensure that all of the components are chosen and installed the right way:

  • The size, shape, and location of the space to be utilized for wine cellar construction
  • The sizes and number of bottles intended to the stored in the wine room.
  • The client’s esthetic preferences and budget
  • The existing décor of the home

The builder chose Knotty Alder for the wine racks. This type of wood is widely used in wine cellar construction because of its advantages. These include durability, attractive knots, and high resistance to warping and high humid conditions in refrigerated wine rooms. The master builders applied a stain lacquer to give rustic charm to the wine cellar.

Stylish Custom Wine Cellar
Custom Wine Cellar Built by Miami Experts using Rustic Wood Wine Cellar Racks
Wine Rack Configuration to Accommodate Wine and Liquor Bottles

Upon entering the wine cellar, you will find a beautiful arch display on the backwall. It comes with a tabletop, allowing the owners to decant and serve their favorite wines and allow additional storage space for a few bottles. A puck light was installed to highlight the area dramatically.

Below the tabletop is a drawer for storing some wine cellar accessories. The bottom section of the racking of the back wall also consists of diamond X-ins for bulk storage. At the top section, you will find two levels of horizontal display racks. Both sides of the arch consist of individual wine racks with high-revel display rows. The display rows hold the bottles at an angle to keep the cork moist and prevent oxidation.

On the left wall, the team added lit-up panels for storing the liquor bottles vertically. There are also many horizontal bins for storing the wine bottles with the labels facing out. This bottle orientation allows for easy browsing and locating a specific type of wine.

Stylish and Durable Wine Cellar Door

The wine cellar door another essential component of a wine room. The entryway to this custom home wine cellar in California was designed to match the wood wine racks. It has an arched wooden frame made from Knotty Alder to complement the arched doors and windows in the home and the wine racks.

The glass panel was thermally insulated to prevent condensation build-up on the door and inside the wine cellar. The construction team used the LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) technology to increase the stability and strength of the door.

The door was equipped with weather stripping to help seal the cold air inside the wine room. Q-Lon seal was used to minimize the gaps around the door. Another sealing component added to the door was an automatic door bottom, a mechanical feature that shuts the door automatically when someone forgot to close it.

Installing the correct insulation and sealing components on wine cellar doors will help prevent temperature fluctuations and varying humidity levels.

When the conditions are regulated inside your wine cellar, the wine cellar refrigeration system will not be forced to work hard to achieve the ideal wine storage environment required for wines to age properly. Moreover, when the wine cooling unit works efficiently, your energy consumption will be reduced.

Reliable Wine Cellar Cooling System

The wine cellar cooling unit plays a crucial role in proper wine storage. Choosing the wrong refrigeration system or installing it the wrong way will cause wine damage and even system breakdown. To prevent this from happening, it is best to work with a master builder who has in-depth knowledge of wine cellar refrigeration.

Custom Wine Cellar Door Made from Glass with a Wooden Frame
Custom Wine Cellar Door Made from Glass with a Wooden Frame

The team is composed of skilled and knowledgeable HVAC technicians who understand the importance of the correct sizing and installation of climate control systems.

In this home wine cellar project in California, an HS unit was installed. It was supplied by US Cellar Systems, one of the reliable manufacturers of high-grade wine cooling units in the market. The condenser was installed outside, covered with bushes in the garden, while the evaporator was placed in the attic. No noise coming from the equipment can be heard inside the wine cellar.

Work with Expert Builders for Your Custom Home Wine Cellar Project

Custom Wine Cellar Florida partners with top-notch builders of impressive wine displays and storage rooms for homeowners. You can have an elegant wine cellar like this for your Miami home.

If you have any questions or need to talk to a specialist, please call us at +1 (305) 731-2212!

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