Florida Custom Wine Cellar Doors Constructed by an Expert

How can you protect your wine collection? Proper wine storage is the main reason residential homeowners invest in a climate-controlled wine cellar. In addition to the room insulation and a superior wine cooling system, Wine Cellar International always ensures that the temperature and humidity in your Florida home wine cellar are constant, by installing a well-sealed quality door.

How the Door Affects the Conditions in a Refrigerated Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar International, one of the most reliable master wine cellar builders in Florida, installs the correct insulation and vapor barrier to create a safe storage place for their client’s collection. They also use a refrigeration system and flooring material that suit the owner’s needs.

Furthermore, they see to it that a well-constructed door is installed.They construct doors from a two-inch thick exterior grade material in order to make it able to withstand the humidity levels present in climate-controlled wine cellars.

All of their wine cellar doors come with weather stripping on all sides. Weather stripping is a process that prevents the cool air from escaping the wine cellar and the warm air from entering in.They equip each door with an automatic door bottom and a threshold.

A bottom sweep is an option, but most wine cellar builders in Florida recommend it. With a bottom sweep, your floor will not be damaged since there will be no more door dragging.

Custom Wine Cellar Door Design Florida Installation Project
Custom Wine Cellar Door Design Florida Installation Project

It also adds an additional insulating factor by keeping the cool air in the cellar, reducing the risk of wine damage.

With correct specifications, these sealing components can contribute to the proper regulation of the storage conditions in wine rooms by preventing air leakage.

If the warm air interferes with the cool air in the wine cellar due to poor door construction, your cooling equipment might breakdown because it is forced to work harder than it should. A functional entryway can prevent high-energy bills by allowing the wine refrigeration system to work normally.

All-Glass Florida Custom Wine Cellar Door
All-Glass Florida Custom Wine Cellar Door

Door Styles for Florida Home Wine Cellar Owners

The design of the entryway to your collection is limitless. You can use your creativity to add a personal touch to your door.

Wine Cellar International can customize your door according to your specific requirements. Factors that you must consider when choosing a design and material for your door include the overall ambiance that you want in your Florida custom wine cellar, the existing theme of your home, and your budget.

Your door can be made of solid wood, glass with wooden frame, wrought iron with glass, or a combination of wood, glass, and wrought iron.

Solid wooden doors add warmth to your living space. Popular wood species used in the construction of wine cellar doors are Mahogany, Redwood, and Pine. Wooden wine cellar entryways can be carved using your own creative design or a more traditional motif like grapevine, winery, or wine barrels.

A door with wooden frame and glass panel at the center is also a favorite of wine enthusiasts. It allows for easy viewing of your wine storage display from outside the cellar.

It can create a contemporary appeal if you opt for full glass doors, but if you just use a frosted glass design,your door might look more traditional. A full glass wine cellar door creates a timeless appeal while displaying your collection in full view. You may even request for it to appear frameless for a sleek look. If you go for a frosted glass door with glass centered panels, a traditional look is achieved. Frosted glass that is etched and framed with wood can add classic elegance to your wine room entryway.

If you want etched designs on the glass panels, make sure to talk about it with your chosen builder ahead of time. You can ask Wine Cellar International for design options.

Wine Cellar International uses thermal insulated and double paned glass panels to create a tight seal in refrigerated Florida wine rooms. If you would like to spice up the glass within the door frame and create a Tiffany glass look or a custom-painted design, then triple paned glass panels will be used.

Home Wine Cellar Door with Glass Panels and Wooden Frame

The painted glass will be placed between two plain glass panels creating stunning visual appeal. Proper insulation results in well-sealed entryways, protecting extreme temperature changes from damaging your favorite wines.

You may also go for a wrought iron door, which is suitable for homeowners who want to achieve an old-world appeal. This type of door is hand-forged and manufactured with intricate wrought iron details. The wrought iron can be attached to a wooden frame that has glass panels.

Common wine room doors are rectangular, but you may opt for an arch-shaped door to add a classic appeal to your storage space. You may also go for a rectangular wooden frame with arched-shaped glass and wrought iron design at the center.

Have Your Wine Room Door Built by an Expert

Customization of wine cellar doors in Florida allows wine collectors to add a truly unique feature in their wine cellar design. Contact an expert today!

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