Make Your Florida Wine Cellar a Safe Place for Your Collection. Be Wise in Choosing a Wine Cooling System

Keeping the ideal storage conditions in wine cellars can be a challenging task. Your chosen builder must have extensive experience in proper insulation and installation of a vapor barrier to ensure that the perfect environment is achieved. Moreover, the appropriate wine cooling system must be installed to protect wine from spoilage. Seeking the help of a wine cellar expert, like those working with Wine Cellars Florida, will ensure that your wine cellar is a safe storage place for your collection.

What is the Ideal Environment for Wine and How to Achieve It

There are certain conditions that must be met in order for wine to mature properly before it is consumed. Your chosen company must have an in-depth knowledge about the importance of regulating the temperature and humidity levels in wine cellars.

They must also know how to determine the type, size, and capacity of the refrigeration unit that best suits your functional requirements.

Temperature and Humidity – Important Factors in Proper Wine Storage

Wine deterioration is mainly caused by poor storage conditions. Wine needs to be kept in a room where the temperature is 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme changes in temperature can alter wine’s chemical properties, resulting in off flavors.

proper wine storage

A very hot environment can damage the cork, allowing air to get in contact with the wine. Oxidation will occur and can speed up wine’s aging process. Discoloration and unpleasant smell are some of the signs of oxidation.

Humidity levels must also be kept constant between 60-70%, or the cork will dry out and allow oxidation. Excessive humidity levels can trigger mold growth, and can damage your wine racks and bottle labels.

Quality Wine Cellar Cooling Systems can Protect Your Collection for Years

The refrigeration system is the most important component of wine cellars. Without it, wine will lose its quality, and go to waste. To avoid waste of investment, many wine cellar owners invest in an efficient cooling unit. Custom Wine Cellar Florida considers several important factors when choosing the type and brand of refrigeration system for their projects. These include the efficiency, features, size, and design of the cooling unit.

A Reliable Wine Refrigeration System is Needed for Proper Wine Aging
A Reliable Wine Refrigeration System is Needed for Proper Wine Aging
Efficiency and Reliability

An efficient cooling system will regulate the environment in your wine cellar. It must have the capacity to achieve the optimum conditions needed for proper wine aging.

When aged properly, wine’s true bouquet are preserved. The wrong cooling equipment will not be able to cool your wine room efficiently.

With so many types and brands of refrigeration systems on the market today, choosing the most suitable cooling unit can be a dilemma.

At Custom Wine Cellar Florida, they recommend cooling systems from reliable manufacturers: Wine Guardian, CellarMate, and WhisperKool.

They also offer three types of refrigeration systems for Florida wine cellars:

  • Self-contained wine cellar cooling systems
  • Self-contained ducted wine refrigeration units
  • Split system wine cellar refrigeration systems

They select the type of cooling system according to various factors:

  • Size and location of the wine room
  • Number of bottles intended to be stored in the wine cellar
  • Availability of an exhaust room
  • Wine rack design
  • Budget

Every collection requires utmost protection. It must age gracefully in a stable environment to provide maximum enjoyment for whoever drinks it.

Great Features at a Good Value

When looking for a wine cellar refrigeration system, it is important to choose a product that offers many great features to make wine collecting convenient and enjoyable. Some features also make installation an easy task to do.

Installation Friendly
One feature of the wine cooling products offered by Custom Wine Cellar Florida is installation flexibility. Their wine refrigeration systems can be installed without external piping and without the need for an HVAC technician. Hiring an HVAC technician is an additional expense.

Choose a Wine Cellar Cooling System Equipped with Great Features
Choose a Wine Cellar Cooling System Equipped with Great Features

Electronic Thermostat and Digital Displays
Also, make sure that your cooling unit comes with electronic thermostat and digital temperature controls for easy monitoring and precise control of the wine cellar environment. With digital displays, reading the temperature and humidity levels is easier than reading analogue thermometers.

A Quiet Cooling System Can Make Your Florida Wine Cellar an Ideal Place for Relaxation

Quiet Operation
A wine cellar can be a relaxing entertainment area if the cooling unit installed in it produces minimal or no noise at all. Noise can disturb the mood and ambiance in your Florida wine cellar.

There are wine refrigeration systems built with fans that come with variable speed settings.

Choosing a low fan speed setting can deliver a quiet operation. Since the decibel rating also contributes to the noise produced by the cooling unit, you should discuss it with your chosen builder.

Audible and Visual Alarms
Temperatures that exceed or go much lower than the normal range can have detrimental effects on your wines. Custom Wine Cellar Florida recommends cooling units equipped with audible and visual alarms. These units are designed to give a signal when the temperature in your cellar gets lower than or higher than the ideal range.

These alarms can protect your fine wines from being spoiled due to temperature fluctuations. They also indicate when your cooling unit requires maintenance. With alarms, you can have peace of mind because your collection is safe.

Auto-Defrost Cycle Can Extend the Life of Your Florida Wine Cellar Cooling System
Some cooling units turn off the compressor when the temperature of the coils rises above the freezing point. The ice collected on the coils of cooling units can affect the function of the fans. The auto-defrost feature, which prevents the buildup of ice, can protect your refrigeration unit from breakdowns.

Ease of Maintenance/Replacement/Repair
It is recommended to choose a wine cellar cooling system that is easy to maintain and replace when needed. Its internal components must be easy to access for fast servicing and repair when your refrigeration unit breaks down. Most cooling units come with a removable steel case and refrigerant valve.

Corrosion Resistant Components for Long-Term Durability
Commercial grade cooling units have corrosion resistant components. They are made of aluminum condenser coils and evaporator to ensure efficiency and durability. Electrofin coating is one way to protect the coils from corrosion.

A Wine Cooling Expert Provides Reliable Cooling Solutions

At Custom Wine Cellar Florida, they understand the importance of proper wine storage. They offer reliable and efficient wine cooling systems that will age wine gracefully.

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