Incredibly Elegant Metal Wine Racks for Modern Miami Wine Cellars

One of the most common storage dilemmas among wine enthusiasts is choosing a type of racking. Your wine racks should be chosen based on your storage requirements, budget, and personal preference. In Miami, Florida, a master builder offers metal wine racks for building modern custom wine cellar.

Choosing the Right Wine Racks for Your Storage Needs

In addition to functionality, another factor that wine collectors should consider when choosing their wine racks is aesthetic appeal. The design and material of your racking must be chosen carefully, to maximize your storage space, enhance the beauty of your home, and store your collection safely. This can be achieved by hiring a reliable Miami, Florida wine cellar builder.

If you desire to create a modern feel in your wine room, metal wine racks are the best for you.

Why Metal Wine Racks are Widely Used in Wine Cellar Construction


The demand for contemporary wine rooms is growing all over the world. We at Custom Wine Cellar Florida, have partnered with Wine Cellar International in providing modern wine storage solutions to serious wine collectors. We have used metal wine racks in many of our wine room projects because of the benefits they offer.

Elegant Metal Wine Rack Display
Elegant Metal Wine Rack Display
Visual Appeal

Wine storage racks made of metal create a luxurious appeal in wine cellars. They look sleek, and can match any existing theme of your space. Metal racks are available in floor standing and wall mounted units.

Depending on your needs, you can opt for modular or custom wine racks. If you want a distinct wine cellar, we can customize your wine racks, allowing you to incorporate your own style into the design.

Metal racks can also be combined with wooden racking. You can choose from the different finish options for metal wine racks that we offer: Satin Black, Brushed Nickel, Black Pearl, Brass, Copper, and Chrome.

Our creative team can create a magnificent wine rack design, that will make your storage space a great place for entertaining friends.

Maximum Storage Space

Maximizing storage space is essential for both small and large wine cellars, to increase bottle capacity. Metal wine racks can easily fit into narrow and small corners of your room, maximizing the storage capacity.

Convenience in Locating a Specific Vintage

With metal wine racks, bottles are stored with their labels facing outward, allowing the owner to locate a specific bottle easily. This way, you won’t have to spend time finding a certain wine that you want to consume or serve to your guests.

The label forward orientation of the bottles helps prevent your precious wines from being ruined. It eliminates the task of flipping the bottles to see the labels.

Flipping a bottle will disturb the wine’s sediments, which can cause an unpleasant taste and aroma in the wine.

For the hassle-free management and inventory of wine, choose metal wine racks.

Durability and Flexibility
Metal Wine Racks Store Bottles with Labels Facing Out
Metal Wine Racks Store Bottles with Labels Facing Out

Another reason wine racks made of metal are becoming increasingly popular is their sturdiness. Metal has the ability to withstand the humid conditions in wine cellars, and is highly resistant to rust. With proper care, metal racks can last longer than wooden wine racks.

The flexibility of metal wine racks allows the client to choose the design, type and size of their racking. They can be formed into different shapes, without compromising their strength.

Vintage View – a Trusted Miami, Florida Manufacturer of Wine Cellar Racks

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks Miami, Florida
Vintage View Metal Wine Racks Miami, Florida

We use metal wine racks manufactured by Vintage View. Available in different sizes and styles, their wine racks are well-known all over the world. They use stainless steel pegs to hold the bottles in a label forward orientation.

Vintage View wine racks are available in various depths, to suit the specific requirements of every client. These storage racks can also be ordered in kits, which can be assembled easily.

Wall Mounted Racking System

The wall mounted wine rack system from Vintage View can add drama to dull walls. Since wall mounted wine racks don’t take up floor space, they are suitable for narrow hallways and other tight spaces, offering storage efficiency.

Wall mounted wine racks store wines in a label forward display orientation. This allows you to find a bottle easily, since the descriptions of the wines on display are in full view. It also creates the illusion of bottles floating in the air.

Evolution Wine Racks

Another label forward wine storage system that we offer is the Vintage View Evolution Series Wine Racks. Made of chrome plated metal rods and acrylic panels, these wine storage racks will add a contemporary flair to your space.

This type of racking is available in floor standing units. We can customize your Evolution wine racks to maximize the storage capacity of your room.

Types of Metal Used for Wine Rack Construction

The two types of metal commonly used in wine cellar construction are stainless steel and wrought iron. Although both are excellent materials for building wine racks, we usually use stainless steel in our contemporary wine cellar projects.

Stainless Steel Metal Wine Racks

The silver hue of stainless steel wine racks make them a highly sought-after storage solution for Miami, Florida wine cellar owners. This type of racking also goes well with almost any type of home.

Additionally, stainless steel wine racking is a favorite choice of wine enthusiasts, because of its resistance to rust, corrosion, and staining. It is also easier to maintain than wooden racking.

View one of our clients’ wine cellars, decked out with stainless steel racks.

Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Another type of metal used in wine rack construction is wrought iron, which is known for its strength and durability. These properties make wrought iron wine racks last a long time. Keep in mind, though, that wrought iron racks are a bit on the expensive side.

Wrought iron wine racks can add a vintage touch to your wine cellar.

Let a Wine Storage Expert Build Your Metal Wine Racks

Custom Wine Cellar Florida can help you choose the best type and design for your wine rack system. They recommend metal wine racks for clients who want to have a Miami, Florida wine cellar that can hold their collection beautifully for years to come.

Need help? Call us today at +1 (305) 731-2212.

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