Why Work with a Reliable Wine Cellar Service Provider in Florida

Costly mistakes can be avoided by working with a master wine cellar builder and expert designer. At Custom Wine Cellar Florida, we work with professional dealers around the United States to provide our clients with excellent customer service and high-quality products. Learn more abut wine storage problems encountered by residential and commercial wine cellar owners.

Wine Cellar Problems Can Be Addressed with the Help of a Professional Builder in Florida

At Custom Wine Cellar Florida, we had calls from clients who needed help with problems related to wine storage. Knowledgeable wine enthusiasts know that long-term storage of wine requires time, effort, and money. If you want your wine collection to last until they reach their peak maturation before they are ready for consumption, you must hire a reliable wine cellar builder who has extensive knowledge and experience in the design and construction of wine rooms.

We follow standard procedures to ensure that costly mistakes will be prevented. We use high-quality materials, install them correctly, and offer after-sales services. Poor insulation, choosing an inefficient or low-grade wine cellar refrigeration system and the wrong installation of your climate control equipment are some of the common causes of wine cellar problems.

Poor Insulation: Why Work with a Wine Cellar Service Provider to Prevent Wine Storage Issues

When building wine cellars, Custom Wine Cellar Florida always makes sure that the correct insulation is installed to avoid a waste of investment. One way to achieve the optimum environment required for the proper aging of your wines is by insulating your wine room the correct R-value.

We will assess all of your needs to help us determine the correct R-value for your space. The factors that we have to consider are the following:

  • Location of your wine room (The colder the climate, the higher the R-value; the warmer the climate, the lower the R-value)
  • Size of your wine cellar
  • Number of bottles you intend to collect
  • Type of wine cellar installation
  • Type of of insulating material to be used

Another advantage of installing the correct insulation in your wine room is that it helps your wine cooling unit to operate normally to achieve the optimum wine storage conditions. When your wine refrigeration system is forced to work harder that its normal operation, it will result in breakdowns. If you do not want to spend for the repair or replacement of your climate-control system, you must work with a professional builder.

An Insulated Wine Cellar Installed by a Professional Builder in Florida Will Help Prevent Mold Growth
An Insulated Wine Cellar Installed by a Professional Builder in Florida Will Help Prevent Mold Growth

Unstable Humidity Levels
The ideal humidity level is 60 to 70 percent. If you noticed that it is outside of the normal range or unstable, there is a big problem. You have to consult with a reliable wine cellar service provider like Custom Wine Cellar Florida. Keep in mind that varying humidity levels can cause serious wine cellar problems.

Mold Growth
One of the devastating effects of high humidity levels in your wine cellar is mold growth. Mold can grow in the walls and ceiling, which can damage the structural integrity of your wine cellar. It can also affect the cork and contaminate the wine. Moreover, your wine labels will be ruined as well.

Therefore, it is essential that you hire a reliable builder like Custom Wine Cellar Florida. We use and recommend the closed spray foam polyurethane because it can act as both a vapor barrier and an insulator. It is effective and cost-savvy.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Leak service Repair in Florida

Incorrect Wine Cellar Cooling System
Determining the right type and size of wine refrigeration unit requires technical skills. At Custom Wine Cellar Florida, our HVAC experts will perform a heat load calculation to help us select the wine cooling system that best fits your needs. This process will prevent mistakes caused by choosing a wine refrigeration that is too small or too large for your needs.

The size and capacity of your climate control system is dependent on several factors including the location and size of your wine room and availability of an exhaust room. We offer self-contained, ductless, and ducted systems from different manufacturers.

Poor Installation of Your Wine Cellar Cooling System
Always remember that your wine cellar cooling unit should not only be of the right type and capacity. It should also be installed correctly and maintained on a regular basis if you want to safeguard your prized wines. Each type of wine cooling units has different installation requirements. Failure to install it correctly will put your wines at risk.

For example, a ducted split type of wine cooling unit requires the condenser to be placed outdoors in a certain distance away from the evaporator. Our team offers expert wine cellar cooling installation in and around Florida.

Poor Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Maintenance
A regular maintenance plan for your wine cellar cooling system is the key to keeping the wine storage conditions stable and helping your equipment to perform with maximum efficiency. You do not have to wait for your wines to go bad, your wine refrigeration unit to malfunction before you seek the help of an HVAC expert.

When left unattended, minor problems can lead to costly mistakes later on. At Custom Wine Cellar Florida, we offer a regular maintenance plan that will help you have a hassle-free wine collecting. It allows us to discover problems earlier and fix them with effective solutions.

Wine Cellar Problems Can Be Prevented with a Regular Maintenance Plan
Below are some of the common wine cellar problems that can be avoided if you avail of a regular maintenance of your wine cellar refrigeration unit:

  • Freon or water is leaking from your wine cellar refrigeration system.
  • You wine cooling unit is not producing cold air.
  • You see moisture or mold on the walls, cork, wine labels, or in the ceiling.
  • There are spoiled wines in your collection

Avail of Wine Cellar Services Offered by a Florida Expert

Do not let wine cellar problems waste your investment. Make sure that you hire a wine storage expert. If you want to safeguard your wine collection and prevent costly mistakes, do not hesitate to contact Custom Wine Cellar Florida at +1 (305) 731-2212!

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