Be Certain of Your Superior Home Wine Stock With a Safe Cellar

Wine cannot be enjoyed when it is stored in an area of your home with poor storage conditions. It needs a stable environment that will allow it to age properly. Proper wine storage can be achieved only when wine is kept in a climate-controlled South Florida residential wine cellar. If you’re a wine enthusiast who wants to provide your collection maximum protection, Custom Wine Cellar Florida can help you.

Why You Need a Residential Wine Cellar

Many wine lovers enjoy wine at restaurants. But the committed wine lover collects wine and stores it at his or her home. Keeping wine in your house or apartment is a wonderful hobby, and great for entertaining, but it comes with certain challenges. Storing wine long term must be done properly.

Wine loses its quality when kept in a storage area in your home where the temperature and humidity are not ideal. The absence of stable storage conditions can be detrimental to wine.

Wine needs to be aged in a room where the temperature and humidity levels are constant. External factors, such as heat, vibration, and odor can affect the quality of wine, thus building a residential wine cellar is recommended for serious wine collectors.

Many wine enthusiasts invest time and money in building their South Florida residential wine cellar to create the best environment for their magnificent collection. In the end, it is the owner and the guests who will enjoy the benefits of great tasting wines.

Florida Residential Wine cellar
Florida Residential Wine cellar

In addition to helping wine age gracefully, there are other advantages of having your own home wine cellar.

  • adds beauty to you living space
  • allows easy access to your wines
  • allows you to buy wines in bulk
  • provides a great entertainment area
  • provides convenience in browsing a specific type of wine
  • adds value to your property

Having wine in your home can add that extra touch of luxury, making a night at home alone or with friends extra special. It can be well worth the investment. There are many important considerations to think about as you plan your home wine cellar, wine closet, or potentially a wine tasting room, which is why consulting with a custom design expert is vital.

A Residential Wine Cellar Built by a Florida Expert
A Residential Wine Cellar Built by a Florida Expert

Building a Wine Cellar

In building home wine cellars, many factors need to be considered to achieve a climate-controlled environment. With the help of a master wine cellar builder, you will be able to provide your precious wines the safest resting place, while enhancing the beauty of your home.

At Custom Wine Cellar Florida, our team has extensive experience in wine cellar design and installation. We use our creativity and knowledge in building wine rooms to meet the technical, aesthetic, and financial requirements of our clients. We take every step to carefully achieve excellence in every wine cellar project that we do.

Assessment of Requirements

Before designing a wine cellar, the first step is to assess all the requirements of the client. It is the responsibility of every builder to know the location, size of the room, the number of bottles you intend to collect, and the overall look that you desire for your wine cellar. This will ensure that the right design will be created, and the appropriate components are installed in your wine room.

Wine Cellar Design

After knowing all your needs, we will integrate all the details into the design. This will help you visualize your dream wine cellar. Our free design package includes 3D drawings of different elevations. Once you have approved the drawings, we will go to the construction stage.

Framing and Electrical Work

The initial step in the building process is framing out your wine room. Wood studs are used for the walls. Depending of your storage needs and personal preference, the studs can be 2”x4” or 2”x6” in dimension.

When the framing is completed, the necessary plumbing and electrical work should be installed.

Vapor Barrier

A very important component in wine cellar construction is the vapor barrier. It regulates the humidity inside the room. Without it, moist air can enter your cellar. When this happens, condensation will form on the exterior walls, causing mold growth. Molds can damage wine and the integrity of your wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Framing
Wine Cellar Framing
Room Insulation

One of the main causes of unstable temperature and humidity levels is improper insulation of the room. Proper insulation, which should be done after framing the room, will prevent hot air from entering, and cool air from escaping your home wine cellar. This will ensure that the ideal storage conditions are maintained in the room.

It will also help your wine cooling system to run normally. When your refrigeration unit works harder than it should, you will have higher energy bills.

Wine Cellar Cooling System
Wine Cellar Cooling System
Wine Cooling Unit

A wine cellar must be equipped with a refrigeration system to preserve wine’s desirable characteristics. Unlike regular air conditioners, a wine cooling unit is designed to control both the temperature and humidity in your cellar.

The correct type and size of your wine refrigeration system should be determined by your chosen builder to achieve a stable environment. The location, size of the room, and the number of bottles to be stored, must be considered before purchasing and installing a cooling unit. The placement of your wine cooling system depends on the type and size of the unit.

Wine Racking for South Florida Residential Wine Cellars

For many years, Custom Wine Cellar Florida has designed and installed uniquely designed wine racks. Whether you want a classic or contemporary wine cellar, we can offer you the best racking solutions. We will ensure that your collection is stored safely and beautifully in your wine racks. You can incorporate you own design to make your custom wine cellar stand out from the rest.

Residential Wine Cellar Racks
Residential Wine Cellar Racks

In addition to visual appeal and functionality, your wine racks should also maximize storage space and allow for convenience in browsing. To achieve this, we use the right type of wine racks and incorporate the right components into the design.

Build Your Wine Cellar with an Expert

Having an efficient and a well-designed wine cellar in the comfort of your home will make drinking wine enjoyable for years to come. With our extensive experience and excellent craftsmanship, we can convert your room into a tastefully-designed South Florida residential wine cellar.

We have partnered with Wine Cellar International, one of the most trusted master builders in Florida. With form and function in mind, we always see to it that we build residential wine cellars that exceed our clients’ expectation.

Planning a wine cellar conversion project? Contact us today at +1 (305) 731-2212 or request a 3D wine cellar design for FREE.

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