Wine Cellar Design: What You Must Know

Let your wine cellar stand out by incorporating unique and stylish features into the design. You do not have to break the bank to have a luxurious looking wine cellar. At Custom Wine cellar Florida, we think outside the box. We have been creating outstanding wine rooms for homes and business establishments. Working with our team of experts will benefit you and your collection! Find out how we design and build one-of-a-kind wine cellars.

How Experts in Florida Create Outstanding Wine Cellar Designs for Homes and Businesses

Whether you are a homeowner who wants to impress guests or a business owner who wants to generate wine sales, Custom Wine cellar Florida will help you! We have many years of experience in designing and building wow-worthy residential and commercial wine cellars. We will go through important stages to ensure that all of your needs and wants are met.

Creating an Impressive Wine Cellar Design: How the Experts at Custom Wine Cellar Florida Do it

Your wine collection deserves a wine display and storage area where they can be viewed and age well. When you choose to work with us, you will receive a free custom design for your dream wine cellar.

Florida Experts Designs and Builds Custom Wine Cellars for Homes and Businesses
Florida Experts Designs and Builds Custom Wine Cellar for Homes and Businesses
Assessment Stage Plays a Key Role in Custom Wine Cellar Design

Before jumping into creating the wine cellar design, we will make a thorough assessment of your functional, aesthetic, and financial requirements. Every professional builder follows this critical step. We usually make an on-site visit so we can measure the room, check its location, and the available exhaust rooms. Asking relevant questions will help us understand your needs and requirements.

Here are the factors that we have to consider to ensure that all of the components suit your style and needs.

  • The existing style or theme of your home or commercial establishment
  • Your wine room’s size, shape, and location
  • The size of your collection
  • The mood that you want to achieve
  • The type and style of racking that you want
  • Your financial requirements

After gathering the necessary details, we will begin the design process. Our design team will create 3-dimensional images to help you visualize your completed wine room. The design package consists of CAD drawings showing the room dimension, different elevations, racking styles, and bottle capacities.

We will submit the wine cellar design to you, and if you have changes, we will modify it and send it back to you. After your approval, we will start the construction of your wine cellar.

Designing Wine Racks with Form and Function in Mind

One of the vital components in designing wine cellars is the racking design. At Custom Wine Cellar Florida, we design wine cellar racks with the goal of creating stunning and functional wine displays. Keep in mind that the wine storage system design for residential and commercial wine cellars vary. We will determine the best wood species that will fit your space and aesthetic requirements.

Stylish Wood Wine Rack Design
Stylish Wood Wine Rack Design
Wooden Wine Racks for Traditional Wine Cellar Designs

For wooden racking, we offer stylish racking styles such as waterfall display racks, high-reveal display rows, diamond bins, X-bins, wooden case storage, round island display racks, individual wine racks, horizontal wine racks, and arch display racks with a tabletop.

At Custom Wine Cellar Florida, we offer high-grade, durable, and attractive types of wood for our wine racks. You can choose between Mahogany, Redwood, Alder, and wine barrel racks.

Metal Wine Racks for Contemporary Wine Cellar Designs

Our metal wine racks are perfect for modern spaces. They are widely used in building wine cellars with contemporary design. Metal wine racks can complement any existing décor in homes and commercial establishments. Metal wine storage systems are ideal for the construction of minimalist wine cellars. They are sleek, elegant, and easy to maintain.

The most popular manufacturer and supplier of metal wine racks is VintageView. Their innovative wine storage systems are known for their label forward configuration, which allows the bottles to be displayed with the label facing out. This bottle orientation makes browsing fast and convenient.

Kit Wine Racks

Our kit wine racks are readily built and are available in various types, designs, and sizes. You can mix and match them to achieve the look that you desire for your residential or commercial wine cellar. We also have stackable wine racks suitable for a growing wine collection.

Custom Wine Racks

Although custom wine racks are more expensive than pre-made racks, they offer many benefits. When we work with odd-shaped rooms (e.g., spaces under the stairs), we recommend custom wine racks so the racking can be configured according to the measurement and shape of your wine cellar. You can also add unique features to the design like murals, cigar humidors, wood carvings, and a lot more.

Installing a Beautiful and Safe Wine Cellar Door

You can impress your guests with an elegant wine cellar door. We offer various styles of doors to cater to the specific needs of every client. We have pre-hung doors, but you can customize yours. We have solid wood doors, glass doors with wooden frame and wrought iron grill, and seamless glass doors.

Our team knows the importance of the correct insulation of your door. We equip every door with sealing components, including weather stripping and an automatic door bottom. Sealing all the edges of the door will let the cold air stay inside your refrigerated wine cellar and prevent the warm air from interfering with the cooling operation of your wine cooling unit.

Choosing the Type of Wine Cellar Flooring

Wine barrel flooring is a unique type of flooring for wine cellars. The style of wine barrel flooring depends on the barrel parts used. Cooperage makes use of the top and bottom parts. Stave flooring comes from the side parts of the barrel. Lastly, the Infusion style flooring is made out of the inside of the barrel.

Elegant Custom Wine Cellar Door Design

Let Us Create an Exceptional Custom Wine Cellar Design for Your Home or Business

Build your dream wine cellar with the help of a design expert like Custom Wine Cellar Florida. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in building elegant wine rooms for homes and businesses

Do you have any questions? You can talk to one of our specialists at +1 (305) 731-2212!

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