Why Your Flooring Must be Created and Installed by a South Florida Wine Cellar Expert

One of the common mistakes to avoid in building South Florida wine cellars is choosing the wrong type of flooring. A professional can help you determine the most suitable flooring option for your wine room. At Custom Wine Cellar Florida, we can create functional and beautiful flooring for your storage space.

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Flooring

Using just any type of flooring in your wine cellar is not recommended. Flooring plays an important role in maintaining a safe environment for your prized collection. If chosen properly, it will also add appeal to your wine cellar.

For these reasons, it is important that you talk to a specialist who can install the right type of custom wine cellar flooring in your storage space.

Proper Installation of Flooring

Insulating a wine cellar is required to achieve the ideal storage conditions needed by wine to mature properly. Just like the walls and ceilings, your flooring should also be well-insulated to maintain the right temperature and humidity inside your wine room. This will prevent moisture build up that can damage wine, the wine labels, and the integrity of your wine racks.

At Custom Wine Cellar Florida, we make sure that your flooring is installed properly. We also offer customized options, which allow our clients to choose the type of flooring that they want.

Flooring Materials for South Florida Wine Cellars

The flooring material that should be used in a refrigerated wine cellar must be able to withstand a damp environment. Carpets are not recommended for climate-controlled wine rooms because they trigger mold growth when placed in humid conditions.

Tile, marble, slate, and vinyl are the most common flooring materials, but we recommend wine barrel and cork flooring for wine enthusiasts who want a unique wine cellar.

Wine Barrel Flooring

Oak wine barrels have been used in wine making for hundreds of years. They impart desirable flavors, texture, and tint to wine. After 5 to 7 years of storing wine, these barrels can be recycled into products that add uniqueness to South Florida wine cellars. They are broken into long strips and are engineered so wine cellar builders can use them to create impressive flooring for wine collectors.

Custom wine cellar flooring made from the top and bottom parts of the barrel is called cooperage. It displays markings and stamps of the winemakers. The exceptional beauty of the cooperage flooring adds a historic touch to wine rooms.

Stave wine cellar flooring is made from the outer planks of the barrel. The unique markings left by metal hoops make the flooring more appealing.

If you want shades of red in your flooring, you can opt for wine infusion flooring, which make use of the inner parts of the reclaimed oak barrels. The wood pieces are naturally stained by wine during the aging process.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, reclaimed wine barrel flooring also creates a relaxing ambiance and adds an eco-friendly feature to your wine storage space.

Cork Flooring

Another environment-friendly flooring material is cork. It is a renewable product used by wine cellar builders to create distinctive flooring.

Cork flooring is a favorite choice in building wine cellars because of its beautiful patterns and colors. Its natural beauty adds a luxurious appeal to any wine room.

Its natural micro rubber particles make cork products last for centuries. It is made up of 50% air, which gives it the ability to withstand pressure. Cork is also known to be a shock absorber, insect repellent, mold resistant, and fire resistant.

Choose the Right Flooring for Your Wine Room. Contact a Professional Builder.

If you want functional and stunning custom flooring for your South Florida wine cellar, seek the help of a professional. Call Custom Wine Cellar Florida at +1 (305) 731-2212!

Beautiful Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring
Beautiful Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring
Wine Cellar Cork Flooring
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