Wine Cellar Gadgets: Why They are Essential

Wine cellar gadgets are essential for wine collectors who want to enhance their enjoyment and provide convenience in organizing, decanting, and serving wines. In this article, Coastal Custom Wine Cellar will share some of these gadgets.

Wine Cellar Gadgets for The Best Wine Experience

All wine enthusiasts want to enjoy only the best wines. They are also aware that the quality of wines is largely affected by how it is stored. More specifically, the quality of wines is dependent on the temperature by which it was stored.

Wine that has not been cooled properly or has been exposed to heat for a long time will have an unpleasant taste and aroma. In this article, you will find awesome wine gadgets that will help you evaluate the temperature of your wines, cool your wines appropriately, manage the temperature of your wine storage rooms, decant wines the right way, as well as make serving easier so that you can truly enjoy your wine experience. Read more and learn!

Infrared Wine Thermometer
Wine Cellar Gadgets are Essential for Enhancing Your Wine’s Flavor and Tasting Experience
Wine Cellar Gadgets are Essential for Enhancing Your Wine’s Flavor and Tasting Experience

When people check wine bottle temperature, a lot of them are comfortable with the method of sticking a thermometer into the wine bottles. This is not necessarily wrong but a more appealing alternative is this Infrared Wine Thermometer. This device is non-invasive, which means it allows you to evaluate the temperature of your wines from outside the bottle. You simply need to point this hand-held device at your bottle and it can gauge the approximate temperature of the wine within.

Wrap Wine Thermometer

This gadget is also awesome. Just like the first gadget, this one measures temperature without invading the inside of your bottle. You simply wrap this stainless steel gadget around your bottle and it will display the approximate temperature of your wine on its LCD strip. This remarkable gadget uses liquid crystal thermo-chromic ink which changes its color at varying temperatures. Also, around its perimeter is a list of average serving temperatures for different wines.

Beverage Wine Cooler is an Essential Wine Cellar Gadget
Beverage Wine Cooler is an Essential Wine Cellar Gadget
Rapid Beverage Cooler

In situations where serving wine for dinner wasn’t planned well, it’s a common practice to chill a lukewarm wine minutes before start of the meal. Meticulous wine tasters are able to find that the taste of wine that is cooled this way isn’t the best that it could be. It is also noticeable that the wine isn’t truly as chilled as could be.

A gadget that can solve this problem is the Rapid Beverage Cooler. The technology installed in this device allows it to correctly chill a wine bottle within 3 ½ minutes. The quality of wine produced by this process resembles that of which was cooled in the longer way.

Wine Cellar Thermostat

The best way to get good tasting wine is to store your wine bottles in a wine storage room wherein its temperature and humidity can efficiently be managed. A wine enthusiast in Orange County California sets a good example. Her wine cellar Orange County CA is installed with a wine cellar thermostat.

This specific device allows the owner to efficiently manage her wine cellar’s temperature.  It automatically responds to temperature changes within the wine cellar and activates the switches that control the cooling system. Thus, this gadget maintains the temperature of a wine cellar’s cooling system within the desired range. It ensures that her wine collection is put under a constant temperature all throughout the year.

Wine Cellar Remote Temperature Gauge
Wine Cellar Thermostat
Wine Cellar Thermostat

Another gadget installed in this Orange County California wine cellar is the wine cellar remote temperature gauge. This device alerts the owner if the humidity or temperature inside her wine cellar is outside the appropriate levels. Moreover, this device is able to alert her through her cellular phone and thus she is able to know the condition of her wine cellar even if she is far from her house.

Wine Aerator and Decanter
Wine Cellar Gadget_Decanter
Wine Cellar Gadget_Decanter

Before serving and drinking the wine, one of the essential wine cellar gadgets is the wine aerator. It brings out the best bouquet, taste, and character of the the wine before it goes in your mouth. Wine needs air to breathe. It is typically allowed to mix with a certain amount of oxygen before serving to enhance its flavor and aroma. You may leave your wine uncovered in a glass. However, using the wine aerator is highly recommended. While holding it on top of your glass, pour the wine into it.

Another gadget commonly used in wine cellars is the decanter. The process of decanting is the act of pouring the wine in the bottle into the decanter. Like the aerator, this vessel is used to elevate the flavors of the wine by allowing it to interact with oxygen.

This process will separate the clear liquid from the sediment that will be left in the bottle after pouring. It will soften the tannins and bring out the pleasant taste of the wine. Compared to the decanter, the aerator does the job quicker.

Explore Other Awesome Gadgets

There are other awesome gadgets that are available to enhance your wines experience. These wine cellar gadgets vary in function. Some of them help wine collectors manage their wine better, some improve wine taste, and and some help make serving wine an easier thing to do. Explore the many other wine gadgets in the market today!

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